Monday, December 14, 2015

Live Webcast of the Mind & Life conference

Live Webcasts of the Mind & Life XXX conference on "Perceptions, Concepts and Self - Contemporary Scientific and Buddhist Perspectives" with His Holiness the Dalai Lama can be seen from 9:00am to 11:30noon & from 1:00 to 3:00pm
(IST = GMT+5h30m) on December 14-17 at:

(My post on Dec. 14 morning session)
I understand that all perceptions are deceptions because perceptions are created by brain (ego: separate self). So, we (awareness) need to let go of all perceptions in order to touch the true nature of reality.

(My posts on Dec. 14 afternoon session)

Object of mind is the object of perception. And the object of perception means perception because the perceiver is the perceived. So, perception is the object of mind, or the projection of mind (created by brain).

I understand that right perceptions mean the absence of all perceptions. Likewise, all views are wrong views which cause separations. So, right views must mean the absence of all views.

Buddha's right view has nothing to do with eyesight. What Buddha means by right view is insight.

Yes, it is possible. That is the purpose of Buddha's teaching. We need to revive awareness.

All views are wrong views. That's why we need to throw away all views to touch the true nature of reality.

If so, they are not enlightened.

The extinction of all notions, ideas, perceptions and views is Nirvana.

Nirvana is the perfect peace. Instead of notions, ideas, perceptions and views created by brain (ego: separate self), awareness (non-separate self) attains insight, or wisdom. 

(My posts on Dec. 15 morning session)

The key is who is focusing the attention.

Brain is just a computer. Who is operating?

Who revives through the practice of mindfulness?

Animals are always mindful, so they don't have to concentrate.

Negative sensation comes from separate self (ego).

How to react depends on whether the person is mindful or not.

Mindful person can recognize emotion, embrace it and relieve it. If the person is not mindful, s/he can't do it.

She should master deep listening capacity.

Yes. Animals don't have to master mindfulness. Because they have not lived in forgetfulness.

What we see is what we think. Namely, projection of mind.

Only if we are awareness, we can touch the true nature of reality.

For that, we need to stop thinking, perceptions, ideas and notions.

Concepts were created by humans (brain) to separate oneself from others. Words, ideas, perceptions are based on concepts.

If we use concepts. all we see are illusions.

The reality can't be described by concepts.

Everything is made of everything else. So, everything is the same.

There is no sameness and no otherness.

Wholeness is the reality as David Bohm said.

The extinction of all notions is essential to touch the reality as it is.

Everything means every matter and phenomenon. The reality can not be explained by notions.

(My posts on Dec. 15 afternoon session)

Languages, words, concepts are for distinctions, separations, discrimination, or duality. So, they cause afflictions and sufferings,

Languages, words, concepts are silly creations by humans (ego).

Why do we have to divide the world, people...? It is impossible to cut the true nature of reality (wholeness) into pieces.

Judgement of color by words is not necessary. Separation is created by ego.

These scholars have been talking about external world only. Internal world should be discussed by the quantum physicist.

Time, space, matter, wave... are the same things. The phenomena.

We need to touch the noumenal by touching the phenomenal more deeply. The noumenal world is the ultimate dimension without time and space, all concepts.

Is judgement of color necessary to enjoy blue sky? Definitely not.

We can't change our thought by changing languages. Only method is transformation of self (consciousness).

Brain memory is poor but the memory in subconscious is great.

Everything including economy is too simple. Everything depends on who we are.

Only intransitive verbs are safe. Any verbs which require object are dangerous because of projection of mind.

Blaming on others is the sign of arrogance, or ego. Because everything is our own creation.

Categorizing means separation, discrimination, or the duality.

It's better for us to stop using languages as much as possible in order to avoid separation, discrimination, or the duality.

No. Suffering and happiness are only notions.

Peace, Calm,.. are important.

Ego (separate self) is the source of all problems.

(My posts on Dec. 16 morning session)

What do you mean by "self"? Separate self or non-separate self?

Embarrassment in front of HHDL indicates that you are separate self (ego). That's because awareness (non-separate self) is never embarrassed.

Body and mind are also continuum according to the law of conservation of energy and mass.

How can body and mind cease? Even a cloud can never die. Everything continues by changing the form.

Is what he explains really Tibetan Buddhism? If so, it is deluded.

If you say the eighth consciousness is self, body and mind are not self?

I am very interested in how HHDL will correct what he is explaining.

Maybe HHDL has a big headache now. Poor HHDL!

Self (separate self: ego) is only an illusion like a rainbow. So, self does not exist. Self is made up by wounded inner child for self-protection from parents in babyhood.

HHDL didn't make corrections. Why?

Identification of self is a sign of ego (separate self) who separates oneself from others.

Such self doesn't exist but it manifests like emotions. 

Those who think are all separate self (ego).

Quantum physicists don't use concepts. They touch the reality as it is.

Selfless persons (non-separate self) are those who have revived awareness who attains insight without thinking.

Philosophers, or thinkers can never attain awareness because they think.

Thinking, concepts and perceptions cause separation, discrimination, or duality which is the source of sufferings.

We are made of non-we elements, or the whole cosmos. So, how can we separate ourselves from others?

We need to touch the ultimate reality, or the noumenal world by quantum physics.

Seeds of consciousness can be found only if we touch the noumenal world, or alaya (subconscious).

I clearly found out today that Tibetan Buddhism is a deluded Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is not the Buddha's true teaching. I have just thrown away all teachings I received from Dalai Lama.  I strongly recommend you not to follow Tibetan Buddhism anymore to avoid misunderstanding real Buddhism. My blog articles before June, 2013 may have been influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. So, please note it. And I am convinced that Thay's teachings are the Buddha's true teachings.


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