Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Brain education & Mind education

Reading a dialogue between Kenichiro Mogi and Joichi Ito (please refer to URL below), 
I found the following points valuable to share.

1. "We need emotion education and humanity education from now on but we don't need 
   teachers to teach knowledge only."
   This seems to mean that 'Mind education' or 'Personality education' to teach universal 
   moral ethics is essential at any age. However, these subjects aren't taught at school now. 

2. "What's important is 'creation rather than learning'. The only way to create innovation is
   eventually learning through experience. Our own judging ability is vital."
   In order to create, we need 'Mind education' which creates vision and enthusiasm in 

   addition to 'Brain education' which teaches knowledge.

3. "Even if you have much knowledge, your judging ability won't improve. Judgement is
   carried out by right brain, not by left brain. I think judgment works automatically.
   For this, we have to train and learn through the experience. That's why we should
   stop 'education to kill right brain' as before."
   In order to master judgment ability, we need to see the reality through holistic view. 
   Right brain, the center of perception and sensitivity, automatically judges the information
   obtained through the five senses. If we have mental projection by attachment or anger, 
   the right brain misjudges due to the delusion. So, we shouldn't forget the importance of
   'Consciousness' which monitors the right brain and warns it if necessary.

4. "I think the present Japanese education system isn't good. Because it produces obedient
   people who gather on time and follow superior's instructions. This education system is
   killing the right brain. In today's internet society, it's harmful to kill the right brain.
   Because it won't be able to create 'difference (= innovation)'."
   The following big change is required:
   (1)From the uniform education which is passive and kills personality, 
      To the selective education which is voluntary and makes best use of personality 
   (2)From the knowledge packed education for the memory storage center,
      To more practical education to grow ability to think and analyze by themselves
   (3)From painful study to pass the exam, 
      To fun learning for the creation of added value that brings happiness to humanity