Monday, November 3, 2014

Ego and Egocentrism

Some people say that there is a great difference between the Ego and Egocentrism. In their definition, the ego doesn't water the evil seeds, while the egocentric waters the evil seeds. My definition of ego is a little different from theirs as follows: Ego (separate self) is made up by wounded inner child for self-protection from parents in babyhood. Ego has the distorted view (egocentrism?) which separates oneself from others that is "I am special, separate and superior to others". Separation, or discrimination is the root cause of sufferings, so ego is the source of sufferings.

So, in my definition, ego is almost the same as egocentric. A slight difference is that egocentric is the exaggeration of ego. I don't deny ego to some extent for our physical survival as the right to live. In fact, ego (separate self) and true self (non-separate self) are interdependent. They are the right side and the left side of a sheet of paper. If we remove ego, true self is also removed. If ego is there, true self is already there. This is called Emptiness (interdependence) or Middle Way in Buddhism and is the way how to transcend the duality.

I feel that most of arts and sports are the sensory level satisfaction which is temporary. I don't deny it if it doesn't harm others but it changes to anger and hatred if it exceeds the limit. In other words, they are nothing but attachment or addictions. Of course, there may be some exceptions which can offer the mental level comfort which is long lasting.

 Ginko tree tunnel Photo by Aes Holding