Thursday, April 9, 2015

"no birth and no death"

In the Heart Sutra, there is a verse that mentions, "There is no birth and no death". (Refer to the reference below.) Because this is the ultimate truth, it must be difficult to understand in the realm of conventional truth. But it may become easier for us to understand that if we use the following example. 

Cloud is made of vapor and just becomes rain. So, cloud doesn't come from nothing and become nothing. If the cloud can realize it is water, it has been water and will continue to be water from now on. Therefore, cloud can never die. This was proved scientifically as E=mc² (The law of conservation of energy and mass) by Albert Einstein.

A human is made of non-human elements, namely the whole cosmos such as water, air, earth and sunshine. So, a human is the whole cosmos. Just like the cloud, if a human can realize s/he is the whole cosmos, s/he has been the whole cosmos and will continue to be the whole cosmos from now on. Therefore, a human can never die also. There is no birth and no death.

Thay said, "We are what we consume". So, we have to be very careful about what we consume. That's because our body, mind and consciousness will be influenced by that. Therefore, we need to select what to eat, drink and consume. Products that bring toxins into our own and the collective body and consciousness are not limited to alcohol and drugs but including any other products such as certain websites, electronic games, TV programs, films, magazines, books and conversations. All of these are attachments, or addictions which we need to let go of.

(Reference 1: The Heart Sutra)
(Reference 2: Spiritual Ancestors)

Amazing Colours of Hummingbirds Photo by Raymond Barlow