Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Brain and Awareness

Watch the following video:

My comment:
Brain creates illusions. So, the reality can't be perceived by brain. Reality can be touched only by awareness (awakened consciousness), namely subconscious. The key is thinking or non-thinking. Because if we think, we see the projection of mind, namely illusions. Subject of mind is equal to object of mind. In other words, the perceiver is the perceived. If we stop thinking, we transform ourselves from brain (ego) to awareness. And we can touch the reality as it is. There is no differentiation between subject and object. That's because awareness can become one with object. Awareness always attains insight through mindfulness and concentration. For example, even if our brain sees the star through eyes and think that its existence is the reality, awareness attains insight that the star may have disappeared 1,000 years of light ago.


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