Thursday, February 5, 2015

Subject and Object

The object is the creation of the subject. The perceiver creates the perceived. So the subject and the object are interdependent co-arising. They are both sides of a coin. When we perceive the object, the object can be perceived differently according to our mind. This is called mental projection. If we have attachment to the object, we perceive the object positively. If we have an anger to the object, we perceive the object negatively. Therefore, the perceptions to the same object are different from person to person according to the state of mind. All perceptions are wrong perceptions because they are illusions. Right perceptions are the absence of all perceptions because we can see the reality without illusions. 

How can we throw away all perceptions? We need to stop thinking to have calm mind. All words, notions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, views...etc are obstacles for calm mind because they cause separation or discrimination. We need to burn away all of them for non-separation, or inclusiveness. For that, we need to transform ourselves from ego (separate self) to true self (non-separate self). Non-separate self can accept all without discrimination unconditionally. The object is not necessary for breathing, walking and smiling, for an example. So, the extinction of all perceptions is possible through concentration on breathing, walking and smiling. Still water can reflect as they are because it is calm and peaceful.

SouthTyrol Photo by Luxury Accommodations