Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to deal with ego (sufferings)

1. What is the immediate cause of ego (sufferings)?
   (True self recognizes ego or sufferings but ego is much 
    stronger at this moment.)
   * recognition of ego or sufferings = proof of partial revival of 
     true self

2. It is the lack of self-love (self-acceptance). 
   (The root cause of ego or sufferings is the past karma.)

3. If you look deeply into the root cause of the lack of 
   self-love (self-acceptance), 
   (Why can't I accept and love myself?)

4. you will attain the insight of the root cause.

5. If you understand the source of ego (sufferings),

6. love and compassion will be generated for you and 
   you will be able to accept yourself unconditionally.
   (True self will accept inner child and ego unconditionally,
   through love and compassion.) 
   ⇒ unconditional self-love (self-acceptance)
   * understanding of the source of ego or sufferings = 
     unconditional self-acceptance (self-love)

7. If you heal your wounded inner child through love and 

8. you will be able to release your ego with pleasure 
   (the power of your ego will be weakened).

9. You will be able to return to true self (non-separate self, 
   or unconditional love and compassion) completely.
   * releasing of ego = complete revival of true self

10. You will be able to practice
unconditional love and 
     compassion to all without separation.

Papalaua Falls, Moloka'i island, HAWAII Photo by Ihsan Iman