Friday, December 25, 2015

True love

What is true love?
Watch the following Thay's video.

Stop thinking = Non-separation, Non-discrimination, Non-duality 
 ↓                   = Equanimity, Inclusiveness = Freedom
Revive awareness = Return to true self (non-separate self)
Touch the wonders of life
Generate joy and happiness  = Loving kindness
Recognize suffering
Embrace suffering
Relieve suffering
Look deeply into suffering = Concentration
Understand the root cause = Insight
Generate compassion
Transform suffering to peace and happiness
Understand the true nature of reality = Emptiness, Interbeing
Extinction of all notions = Nirvana (Full enlightenment)

Do you know how to practice true love? 

Lovingkindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity are four elements of true love.

First thing to do is to revive awareness through mindful breathing.
Mindful breathing enables you to revive awareness by stopping thinking.

Non-thinking is equal to non-separation, non-discrimination, non-duality, equanimity, inclusiveness, or freedom.

When awareness revives, you (awareness) can touch the wonders of life.

Touching the wonders of life brings you joy and happiness (lovingkindness).

If you are mindful, you can recognize suffering, embrace it and relieve it by the energy of mindfulness.

If you are concentrated and look deeply into suffering, you will understand its root cause through insight.

Understanding the root cause enables you to generate compassion and transform suffering to peace and happiness.

When you understand the true nature of reality (emptiness), you can throw away all notions.

Extinction of all notions is nirvana, or full enlightenment.