Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wounded inner child (1)

The following Thay's talk is very deep.

You have to go home and to rescue the wounded child. Because the wounded child is still caught in the memory of the past. Because the films are still being projected. And you have the tendency to go back and get imprisoned in the past. We know in principle, that the past is already gone but the image of the past is still stored in the store consciousness. And that is why from time to time, when you sleep, you go back to it and you experience again the suffering in the past. And not only during the night but during the day, you tend to go home to the past and suffer the same kind of suffering you have suffered. (The wounded child means inner child in subconscious.)

In principle, we know that the past is no longer there. That's only a film, a picture of the past. But every time the film is projected, we suffer again.  That is why it is very important to learn how to get out of the past, how to come out to the present moment. And you have to come home to store (consciousness?) and rescue the child and bring her or bring him to the present moment. Very important.

You could talk to him or her, "Dear one, I know you are still there alive. You don't have to suffer anymore because you have grown up. I am talking to you as your adult self. I know that the past has already gone. And you should also know that. We have grown up into adults. We are no longer without a defense. We are grownups and we do have a capacity to protect ourselves. We can very well protect ourselves and even call the police."

First when you were born as a child, your fear was born at the same time with you. During the nine months in the womb of our mother, we felt safe. We didn't have to do anything. It was so comfortable. But when we were born, the situation changed drastically. They cut down umbilical cord. And now you have to learn how to breathe for yourself. There was some liquid in your lungs. You had to get that liquid out in order to breathe, to make your first in-breath. So, it's a very dangerous moment. You survive or not depends on that moment. So, you were fearful. Your original fear. And you want to survive. (Our fear might have been born because we were not accepted by our parents unconditionally in babyhood. We need to look deeply into our fear and to understand the root cause to transform it to compassion and peace.)

(to be continued)

(Notes) The descriptions in the parenthesis are my commentaries.

(Cf.) http://www.slideshare.net/compassion5151/human-life-39415010