Saturday, October 3, 2015

Heart Sutra and Quantum Physics

Emptiness in Heart Sutra is exactly the same as Implicate Order in Quantum Physics. Both of them explain the ultimate dimension.

Form is emptiness. (A=B) 
Emptiness is form. (B=A)
Form is empty of separate existence. (AA) 
Emptiness (non-separate existence) is form. (B=A) 
Form is made of non-form elements. (A(A)=B) 
Emptiness (non-separate existence) is made of non-emptiness (non-non-separate existence = separate existence) elements. [True self is made of ego elements.] (B(B)=A)
Implicate order unfolds into Explicate order. (AB) 
Explicate order enfolds into Implicate order. (AB)
Explicate order is made of Implicate order. (AB) 
Implicate order is made of Explicate order. (AB) 
Body and Mind: brain (form) is made of Consciousness: subconscious (non-form elements). (AB) 
Consciousness: subconscious (non-form elements) is made of Body and Mind: brain (form). (AB)