Thursday, June 13, 2013

Human values 人間の価値

"When young we have a vivid sense of basic values like trust and warm-heartedness, which we tend to neglect in today’s competitive world as we grow up, yet from birth we all have a need for affection. The emotions we experience today have not changed much over the last few thousand years, but the interest increasing numbers of people are showing in their inner world and how their emotions work is a sign of maturity." (From His Holiness the Dalai Lama's facebook on June 12, 2013)


"What HHDL means by basic (human) values are the following reason: Compassion, Warm-heart, Gentleness, Kindness, Care, Sincerity, Honesty, Self-confidence, Trust, Respect, Appreciation, Modesty, Self-discipline, Patience, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Sympathy, Empathy, Generosity, Non-violence…etc."
(My commentary to HHDL's above message)

ダライ・ラマ法王のおっしゃる基本的な人間の価値とは、思いやり、温かい心、優しさ、親切、配慮、誠実、正直、自信、信頼、尊敬、感謝、謙虚、自律、忍耐、寛容、許し、同情、共感、寛大、 非暴力 等の理性のことです


Pride プライド

1. Pride is one of the arrogance for protecting our
inner weakness and appearing stronger than the

2. High pride arises from too much competitive
feelings. Arrogant people can’t be satisfied
without being always superior to other people.
3. High pride people should recognize that they are
exactly the same human beings as other people
physically, emotionally and mentally. And they
must practice infinite compassion to others just
like they love themselves.
☆★ ★☆
☆★ ★☆

1. プライドは内面の弱さを隠し、実際より強く見せようとする
2. 高いプライドは、過度な競争意識から生じます。 傲慢な
3. プライドが高い人達は、肉体的にも、感情的にも、意識的
☆★ ★☆
☆★ ★☆