Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mystery of Human Life (You are already enlightened!)


1. Wounded inner child

Our ego (separate self) is made up by our wounded inner child for self-protection because we were not accepted unconditionally by our parents (unconsciously) in babyhood. Our inner child is frightened at parents of fear and insecurity because s/he can't pull out oneself as a baby. 

Its purpose is to revive our past life's mental disposition according to the imprinted karma on our subconscious. That's why we chose our parents to make up the past life's ego and resume our new journey in this life from the end of our past life,

Therefore, our memories in babyhood may be covered up. If so, the family is a well planned ego manifestation factory and is a training center for evolution of humanity. 

2. Ego (separate self)

Most people believe ego (separate self or fake self) is oneself. That's because ego is in unconscious and can't be recognized consciously. Therefore, ego grows until true self revives.

People are not aware that their ego doesn't protect them and rather causes sufferings, because ego separates oneself from others. 

Ego has a distorted view of "I am special, separate and superior to others" which is one of wrong perceptions (afflictions). So, ego always sees illusions through mental projection and can't see the reality.

3. True self (non-separate self)

Most people may not have recognized that everyone has been enlightened since born. However, the truth is that your ego (separate self) is covering up true self (non-separate self or god). The key is who you are.

There are various methods to revive true self such as mindfulness, yoga and my own method of unconditional self-acceptance. But there is a difference between Self-Inquiry method and Meditation method. 

My own method is a Self-Inquiry method and enables us to revive true self through unconditional self-acceptance, heal our inner child and release our ego with pleasure for transcending the duality by one time attempt. Therefore, our ego will never cover up true self again.

4. Healing wounded inner child

Most people can't recognize our wounded inner child in subconscious. However, if you have ego, your wounded inner child is definitely covered up by your ego.  

Once true self revives, it is possible to recognize the sufferings of our wounded inner child, embrace it, relieve it, listen deeply, look deeply into it, understand the root cause, generate the energy of compassion and heal our wounded inner child.

If we succeed in healing our wounded inner child, s/he will never make up ego again for self-protection. That's because s/he doesn't have fear and insecurity any more.

5. Releasing ego with pleasure

Once our wounded inner child is healed, s/he doesn't need to make up ego anymore. As a result, the power of our ego is automatically weakened. Therefore, true self can easily release ego with pleasure.

So, there is no liberation because there never was any bondage. Everything was nothing but an illusion. But this illusion was intentionally created by ourselves, or subconscious.

These are the whole picture of Mystery of Human Life. We are being tested how we react to the same situation as our past life. It is like a makeup examination or a retest. We have to pass the examination or the test to overcome our past mistakes. Our life is for evolution of humanity.

Volcanic Eruption and Aurora in Iceland Photo by Martin Schulz