Friday, January 23, 2015

Genetic ancestors and spiritual ancestors

Thay said, "There are genetic ancestors and spiritual ancestors.
It's easy to understand genetic ancestors which mean that genes of our parents are in us biologically and become the source of the body. But I have been wondering how I can understand spiritual ancestors which mean the source of the consciousness. My insight is the followings.

When the body disintegrates, it will scatter to the whole cosmos in different forms (by changing forms), namely as new matter such as water, air, minerals or energy. (The total sum of matter and energy will be conserved in ecosystem according to the law of conservation of energy and mass.) As the past life's body was enfolding consciousness, each particle and energy is enfolding the same quality of past life's consciousness like iPS cell (induced pluripotent stem cell). (As David Bohm explained about implicate order, everything is inside of everything else.) Those particles and energy will be absorbed by vegetables, for example and grow them. Then the vegetables will be eaten as a food by a pregnant lady to enter into her fertilized egg. In this timing, the fertilized egg (body) merges with consciousness which came from the past life's consciousness. Therefore, all memories or records (karma) till the past life are still preserved and transmitted to the new body. I feel this is the meaning of spiritual ancestors.

If above insight is correct, those who couldn't have their own children will be relieved because they can become spiritual ancestors of new generations even though they can't become genetic ancestors. Anyway, there is no birth and death. Our body and consciousness will continue to live without death.

Thay said, "God is everything". 

I feel the whole cosmos, namely every matter and energy which is enfolding consciousness (subconscious) inside, is God.

Ambridge Rose Photo by Amreen Fatima