Thursday, December 18, 2014

Light and Darkness (2)

Light and darkness are recognized at the same time. 
Because light and darkness are interdependent co-arising.

They are both sides of a coin. 
They must arise together at the same time.

If light is there, darkness is already there. 
If darkness is there, light is already there. 

Without darkness, it's impossible to recognize light. 
Without light, it's impossible to recognize darkness. 

If darkness is removed, light is also removed. 
If light is removed, darkness is also removed. 

Light is liken to enlightenment (Nirvana).
Darkness is liken to afflictions (Ignorance). 

Don't chase after light and run away from darkness.
Accept both and take good care of both.

Don't be attached to either. Don't reject either.
Handle light and darkness in the same way without discrimination.

Light is made of non-light elements, namely darkness.
Darkness is made of non-darkness elements, namely light.

Make peace with light and darkness.
Master the method of transformation to be free from fear. 

We are already enlightened, so don’t have to become someone else.
All we need is to return to true self, or the whole cosmos.

Nirvana is not a place that can be found in space and time.
Nirvana is inside. Kingdom of God is inside.

(Some quotes are from the teaching of Thích Nhất Hạnh.)

Iceland Volcano Photo by AGABABY