Sunday, March 1, 2015

True Love 真の愛

Listen deeply to the following Thay's teaching on true love from 05:18  to 17:32.

<Four elements of True Love>
1. Loving kindness: capacity of bringing happiness to one person
2. Compassion: capacity of removing the pain in a person you love
3. Joy: capacity of bringing joy to you and to the person you love
4. Equanimity: freedom, non-discrimination, inclusiveness

(Object of True Love: oneself, the person with whom we have a sympathy, the person we are very fond of, the neutral person, the person that we don't love at all, that we hate, that we dislike) 


1. 慈しみ:1人の人に幸福をもたらす能力
2. 思いやり:愛する人の苦痛を取り除く能力
3. 喜び:あなたとあなたが愛する人に喜びをもたらす能力
4. 平静:自由、非差別、包括性


cloverleaf photo by takedasoun