Saturday, May 14, 2016

Body and Mind

The followings are my understanding on the relation between Body and Mind

Body = matter
Mind = thinking or insight

<Thinking>                     <Insight>
Ego thinks                       Awareness attains insight
forgetfulness. dispersion mindfulness, concentration
no calm mind                   calm mind
(wavy water)                   (still water = mirror)
can not reflect reality       can reflect reality as it is
(thinking by brain)           (looking deeply without thinking)
(stand outside of object)  (become one with object)
(subject≠object: duality)  (subject = object: non-duality)
see illusion, delusion        touch realities as they are
(projection of mind)          (no projection of mind)
(misunderstanding)          (understanding = insight)
(wasting energy = tired)   (no waste of energy = not tired)
afflictions, sufferings        love, compassion, peace, joy, happiness

<Phenomenal world>        <Noumenal world>
(space and time)                (no space and no time)
Body                                  ×(no body)
Mind (ego or awareness)   Mind (awareness)

<Implicate order>
Body (matter) enfolds into Awareness (mind).
<Explicate order>
Awareness (mind) unfolds into Body (matter).
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