Sunday, February 7, 2016

Continuation - A Beautiful Message

Barbra Streisand sent a beautiful message to Céline Dion after the death of René Angélil as follows:

"Every time you look at your children's faces, you will see René. With love and strength - B"

Watch the following Thay's Q&A session video.

If you practice looking deeply, meditation, you will see that you are the continuation of your father. You are not only the continuation of your father, but you are your father. 

The rain is the cloud. And the tea is the rain and the cloud. So, the appearance is not the most important thing. It is the content

My own father, he has not died and he walks with me every day. He breathes with me every day and I talk to him. 

The cloud has not died. It is now in a new form, the rain or the tea. 

And meditation can help us see things deeply like that. And when we are able to see things like that, we can remove all kinds of afflictions and regret and sadness and suffering.

Our father is not only outside of us but he is inside of us. He always continues in us. He is still available in every cell of our body. We have our father and mother and ancestors. So, it is possible for us to converse, to talk to our father now and here. And I do that all the time. 

The happiness and the suffering of our father are still in us. You are the continuation of your father. You are your father.

Enjoy the following video of "The making of Tell Him - Celine Dion & Barbra Streisand"