Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Self-transformation (2)

It may take long time but there is a possibility for self-transformation from separate self to non-separate self. If Usāma bin Lādin was in a receptive, cooperative state of mind, it may have happened in a moment. If self-transformation happened in him, it was easy to heal his wounded inner child and to release his ego with pleasure. Then, changing his liquidation plans would automatically occur.

The root cause of all problems is ego. If a friction occurs between your ego and the other's ego, the stress and problems occur. If either of you release your own ego, both of you can avoid stress. However, if either of you can't release your ego, you can't solve problems. Only if both sides release own ego, problems can be solved. One example is Tibetan issue. Even H.H. the Dalai Lama has not been able to solve the problem for more than 50 years by negotiation with Chinese communist leaders. Another example is Israeli-Palestinian issues.

Loving speech and deep listening capacity are the key to restore communications and reconcile. For loving speech and deep listening, both sides have to return to non-separate self and release their ego (separate self). If both sides open their heart, listen deeply, look deeply and understand the other's sufferings, problems will be solved through reconciliation. Here is a video of Thay's Israeli Palestinian Retreat for peace.

Orange roses Photo by Diana rose Sangar