Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mindful Nation UK?

Watch the following video and read the following report on "MINDFUL NATION UK" (Report by the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group). http://www.themindfulnessinitiative.org.uk/

(Report): http://themindfulnessinitiative.org.uk/images/reports/Mindfulness-APPG-Report_Mindful-Nation-UK_Oct2015.pdf

(My comment)
This may be a good chance for mindfulness. But I feel the need to ask them a question, "Are you sure?" That's because their motivation is, for an example, to treat mental diseases and reduce that medical cost (budget for them). I feel that their idea is exactly the politician's (ego's) idea created by their head, or brain (not insight). 

And it is hopeless that they (intelligent ego) don't recognize that they are the very people who need to practice mindfulness most. If they (ego = fake self) recognize that they are not true self, they will be struck with admiration. So, those who are not mindful are not eligible to talk about mindfulness. 

And the effects are nothing but effects (fruits), not the purpose. If they introduce mindfulness for the purpose of material, or economic value, they will fail definitely. I wonder how many people there are in UK who can teach true mindfulness. Good teachers who are also good practitioners will be the key for success. 

Watch the following video from BBC news also.

(My comment)
Some participants seemed to be tired after the meditation. It is the proof that they did not practice Right Mindfulness. Non-thinking sounds easy but it is not so easy for ego to practice. So, if they want to experiment correctly, they must invite a true teacher and carry out full-scale tests. Otherwise, people will misunderstand it. So, I wonder why BBC, as a big name, released this report created by amateurs as a news.

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