Monday, February 1, 2016


Mindfulness is the practice of emptiness.

Emptiness means "empty of separate existence (self)".

Separate self means ego, or the subject of thinking.

So, we need to release ego in order to be empty of separate self.

For releasing ego, we need to stop thinking.

The method to stop thinking is the practice of mindfulness.

Concrete practices are mindful breathing and mindful walking.

If we stop thinking, ego will disappear.

Then awareness which has been covered up by ego will revive.

Awareness can touch the wonders of life and bring joy and happiness.

And at the same time, awareness can recognize what is going on inside and around of oneself.

Through deep looking (concentration), awareness can touch the true nature of reality.

By understanding the ultimate truth, awareness can throw away all notions and attain full enlightenment.

* Separate self means ego who has wrong views of "I am special, separate and superior to others" that separate oneself from others. Because ego's mind is wandering in the past or the future (ego is always thinking), ego can't live in the present moment and touch the wonders of life.

* Awareness (awakened consciousness) means non-separate self (true self) who has right views of "All humans, animals, plants and minerals are made of the same things, so we are all the same as the whole cosmos" that never separate oneself from others. When awareness revives, our body and mind are united and we attain insight without thinking. That's why we can live in the here and the now and touch the wonders of life.


Calligraphy by Thích Nhất Hạnh