Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Right View and Right Thinking

In the Noble Eightfold Path, it is said that when there is Right View, Right Thinking follows.

However, Right View and Right Thinking are very tricky words

That's because all views are wrong views and all thoughts are wrong thoughts.

What is Right View?

Right View means insight or wisdom.

Therefore, the absence of all views is Right View.

What is Right Thinking?

As well as Right View, the absence of all thoughts is Right Thinking.

Namely, Non-thinking is Right Thinking.

Then Right Speech and Right Action also depend on Right View.

How can we attain Right View?

We need to understand the true nature of reality.

How can we understand the true nature of reality?

We need to throw away all notions, ideas and perceptions.

That's because notions, ideas and perceptions cause separations, discrimination, or duality.

And separations, discrimination, or duality will cause afflictions and become the root cause of sufferings.

So, we have to be one with the reality and transcend duality to attain non-duality.

How can we do it?

Mindfulness, concentration and insight will help us do it.

What is mindfulness?

It means that we revive awareness through mindful breathing, mindful walking...etc.

Awareness has Right View which doesn't separate oneself from others, so can always attain insight without thinking.

On the other hand, ego (separate self) has Wrong View which separates oneself from others, and is always thinking.

Right Speech and Right Action arise from Right View.

Meanwhile, Wrong Speech and Wrong Action arise from Wrong View.

As a result, Right Speech and Right Action will bring us benefits and we will be happy.

To the contrary, Wrong Speech and Wrong Action will bring us negative consequences and we will suffer.

Just do one thing at a time! Concentrate on your action! And you will be able to live in mindfulness always.


Noble Eightfold Path