Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ego (separate self) エゴ(独立した自己)

Buddha denied ego (separate self) by emptiness (absence of independent existence) in the realm of conventional truth. Do we really need to get rid of our ego (separate self)? 

No, not at all in the realm of ultimate truth. Ego (separate self) is the root cause of sufferings, namely bad. Meanwhile, non-separate self is the source of happiness, namely good. But we need to accept both good and bad and take good care of both. That's because good and bad are interdependent.

Don't be attached to either. Don't reject either. Handle good and bad in the same way without discrimination. Good is made of non-good elements, namely bad. Bad is made of non-bad elements, namely good. They are both sides of a coin. If you remove bad, good is also removed. There is no good without bad. Lotus flower can't grow without mud. Therefore, make peace with good and bad.

Non-separation is the key. Emptiness means the absence of independent existence, namely non-separation. Lotus flower can't grow without mud. Self is made of non-self elements, namely the whole cosmos. If we understand this, we can rest in God or rely on cosmic body.