Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Lotus for you…A Buddha to be (3)

Watch the following Thay's video deeply.

The followings are excerpts.

(from 0:00)
It's very important that you practice the mindful consumption in order to stop consuming these things. Why do we have to listen to the news several times a day? Why do we have to read one newspaper after another? Because we want to not to think about our suffering. And the more we get that kind of news, the stronger the seed of despair. When I was invited by The Times of India as a guest editor on October the 2nd, I proposed the subject, "Is it possible that one day the school teachers can teach their students how to handle painful emotions like despair, anger, frustration?". Because young people of our time suffer very much and some of them have expressed their distress by becoming terrorists. They are terrorists to have died. They are terrorists who are about to die and to make other people die. 

But there are a lot of terrorists in the making because they are making the kind of informations that feed their anger, their despair, their violence. And teachers have to be there in order to protect their students from wrong informations, to help their students to handle their emotions. The technique of listening with compassion, the technique of expressing oneself in the gentle language of loving speech, can help each other to remove wrong perceptions. When you listen with compassion, you remember that listening like this, you have only one purpose, helping the other person to suffer less. Therefore, even if his speech is full of accusation, you are still capable of listening. But if you allow irritation and anger to manifest, you will interrupt and you discuss the session into a debate, and you win everything. The teacher has to practice this with his or her partner, her father or mother or brother. And the teacher can do it with his student, her student. And when there is mutual trust, and then the work of teaching, of learning will become much easier.

(from 8:52)
We can always do something in order to remove violence, to remove fear. And the Buddha gave us very concrete answers. He talked about right thinking, producing a thought of forgiveness, producing a thought of understanding, producing a thought of compassion and you offer healing and transformation to the world. So, Buddha talked about right speech. You say something in the line of compassion. You say something, proving that you understand his suffering, her suffering. Even if the other person is not there, you can practice right speech with your mobile telephone. Why do you hesitate? And what is right action? Right action is to do something in order to forgive, to do something in order to protect, to save, to support. And you know that you can do that.

(My commentary)
Thay explained that right thinking is a thought of forgiveness, a thought of understanding, a thought of compassion. But I feel that Thay should have used the word of 'insight' instead of 'thought' because all thoughts are wrong thoughts for separation created by the brain, or ego (separate self). This is very important and we should not misunderstand the meaning of 'thought'. So, right thinking must be non-thinking. And insight can be attained by awareness without thinking. The method to revive awareness is mindfulness through mindful breathing, mindful sitting, mindful walking...etc.

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