Monday, December 1, 2014

Implicate order

Regarding Temporality and Intemporality, I found a good material of David Bohm (nuclear physicist) as follows:

(1) explicate order: everything exists outside of everything else.
     (The whole cosmos is outside of us. We are outside of the
       whole cosmos.)
     (conventional truth in historical dimension)
     = Temporality

(2) implicate order: everything is inside of everything else.
     (The whole cosmos is inside of us. We are inside of the whole 
     (one particle is made of all other particles.)
     (ultimate truth in ultimate dimension)
     = Intemporality

Thay mentioned as follows:
"Interpenetration": All is in one. Everything enters into and is 
                           entered into by everything else.
"Interdependence": Everything is related to everything else. 
                 In the one, we see the all. In the all, we see the one.

* The ultimate dimension cannot be described in words and notions that by their nature serve to cut reality into separate pieces.

By the way, I understand brain is the connector between body and consciousness. And brain interacts with universal (store) consciousness. But I have a question. How can body-mind (Temporality with time and space) connect with universal consciousness (Intemporality without time and space)? I understand change is possible only in time and space. Universal consciousness is not in time and space, so change is impossible. However, Thay said body-mind consciousness and universal consciousness are interdependent, which means both body-mind consciousness and universal consciousness are changing. What does it mean? Contradiction? (No contradiction. Because universal consciousness transcends the space and time, it can live in the historical dimension and the ultimate dimension, at the same time. So, universal consciousness is also changing in the historical dimension.)

I guess that from the viewpoint of body-mind (Temporality with time and space), universal consciousness may be seen as it is changing. That's because new karma created by body-mind will be imprinted on universal consciousness. But from the viewpoint of universal consciousness (Intemporality without time and space), Now (not a moment in time) may be just imprinted like a flash memory and change is not possible because it is immeasurable due to lack of duration. Therefore, change is recognized by body-mind but is not recognized by universal consciousness. (As mentioned in the above, universal consciousness can change in the historical dimension but can't change in the ultimate dimension.)


amazing universe Photo by Adam Corbin