Monday, September 1, 2014

Secrets of Life 人生「虎の巻」

The root cause of all afflictions (incl. anger) is separate self (ego). Ego in subconscious has a distorted view that is "I am special, separate and superior to others" which separates oneself from others. That's because ego doesn't have wisdom of interdependence. Distorted view is one of wrong perceptions, so causes destructive emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, despair...etc. Destructive emotions cause illusions through mental projection, and illusions create negative motivations and negative actions which cause negative consequences. This is the whole picture of vicious cycle of mind. 

Who created ego? That's ourselves, our wounded inner child who was not accepted by our parents unconditionally in babyhood. What is the root cause? It is our previous karma (actions) till our past life which has been imprinted in our subconscious. Why? For the evolution of humanity. (to master unconditional love and compassion, or to become God)


誰がエゴを創造したのでしょう?それは、自分自身、即ち乳児期に両親に無条件に受け容れられなかった自分の傷ついたインナー・チャイルド(内なる子供)です。その根本原因は何でしょう?それは、潜在意識に刻印されている私たちの前世までの過去のカルマ(行動)です。なぜ?人類の進化のためです。 (無条件の愛と思いやりを習得するため、即ち神になるために)