Sunday, September 7, 2014

States of Mind

< Five forms of action in Mind consciousness >
(5 ways in operations of Mind consciousness)

1. In cooperation with the five sense consciousnesses
      five sense consciousnesses + mind consciousness (Mindfulness)
                     ↓                                            ↓   
    ex. we look at a flower       + we are aware that we are looking at a flower 
         = the flower is much clearer

2. Independently of five sense consciousness 
        (mind consciousness acts independently on its own)
      five sense consciousnesses   mind consciousness (Mindfulness)
                     ↓                                            ↓   
    ex. (1) we drive the car            we prepare for the meeting
               (five sense consciousnesses work alone without Mindfulness)
            (2) not functioning              mere images are available 
            (when we are dreaming)  (from the seeds in store consciousness)
            (3) not functioning              mental activities can operate alone 
            (when we are dreaming)  (we think, feel angry) ⇒ Lucid dream?
    * Mindfulness can occur when the mind consciousness works in
      cooperation with the five sense consciousnesses or when it is
      operating on its own.  Mindfulness can occur when we are dreaming.
      (How about in deep sleep state? Mindfulness can occur?)

3. Operating alone in dispersion (Forgetfulness):
        “distracted mind consciousness”:
    (1) mindfulness is not present
    (2) we are not really alive
    (3) our most frequent state of mind
    The tendency of mind consciousness: (causes of forgetfulness)
    (1) to be scattered
    (2) unable to stop thinking (thinking about one thing after another)
    (3) caught by the past and future (anxious, sad, suspicious, or imagining
    (4) running in every direction (no coordination with five sense

4. Operating alone in concentration (Mindfulness):
    (1) mindfulness leads us to concentration
    (2) our confusion stops, and we can focus on one object
    (3) we will gain insight and understanding

×5. Unstably, in neurotic or psychotic states (Mentally ill):
    (1) mind consciousness is disturbed by the past regrets and the future
    (2) inner conflicts between seeds and between our feelings and our
    (3) we have trouble in perceiving and thinking clearly
(From Chapter 27 of "Understanding Our Mind" by Thích Nhất Hạnh)

Image presented by Thích Nhất Hạnh