Sunday, June 9, 2013

World after death

  1. Admitting the world after death means knowing that our consciousness is the space-time continuum. I think that those who believe that their life will be the end by death have more risk to conduct negative actions as much as possible in this life. If they know that their negative actions in this life will be punished after death and they will have to pay the penalty for their negative actions in next life, they will never carry out negative actions any more and increase virtuous actions.
  2. If you can't accept that our consciousness is the space-time continuum because it sounds like the occult, it will be easier for you to understand the space-time continuum by knowing the concrete example of a person who has the previous life's memory. Because human body and brain will decay and disappear after death, all the memory of life should also disappear. However, there are people who has clear memory of previous life. This fact is an evidence that our consciousness exist as beings that continue to live beyond time and space. Because a consciousness enters into a new body and is linked to a new brain, the previous life's memory will remain.
  3. Buddhism defines the space-time continuum as Mental Consciousness which has cognitive ability handed over from previous life. (Buddhism defines brains as Matter and clearly distinguishes between Mental Consciousness and Matter.) And Buddhism names the most subtle level of Mental Consciousness as 'Clear light'. When Mental Consciousness becomes very subtle, it is said to be transformed to Subtle energy.
  4. Buddhism regard this Mental Consciousness as objects of reincarnation. Mental Consciousness means 'a Being' or 'Buddha seed' and is different from physical body and brain created from parent's sperms and ova. Mental Consciousness is the combination of Subtle body and Subtle mind. Subtle body means Buddha's body (physical action) and speech (verbal action), and Subtle mind means Buddha's mind. And it is said that Subtle body is transformed to Subtle energy, in the very subtle level.
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