Monday, July 25, 2016

We are our actions.

Read deeply the following Thay's words on actions (karma).

"Every thought we produce, every word we produce, every physical act we do never dies. Nothing dies. Those actions continue always. That is your continuation. You think you’re just this physical body—that is not Right View. You are much more than this body. You are your actions. What I think, what I say, what I do, those are my continuation, and they will bring consequences. And whether those consequences are beautiful or not depends entirely on the quality of the actions." 
– Thich Nhat Hanh, "Interbeing, the Four Noble Truths, and Right View"

(My commentary)
We sow or plant the seeds of mental formations in our store consciousness (alaya) through our physical, verbal and mental actions (karma). And when those seeds are watered or touched, they will manifest in our mind consciousness as mental formations. That's why our actions (karma) never die and continue always. So, all actions (karma) are our continuation. This may be called as the true reincarnation. What we should do is the selective watering to the wholesome seeds through mindfulness, and the transformation of the unwholesome seeds to the wholesome seeds by embracing our mental formations and understanding the root cause through deep looking.

Read deeply the following Thay's Dharma talk summary on Interbeing, the Four Noble Truths, and Right View.
The followings are excerpts.

"Dear friends, in classical science represented by Newton, things are separate. The seed is outside the plant; the plant is outside the seed. But in quantum physics, we begin to see things differently. Things are no longer outside of each other but are actually in each other."

(My commentary)
I understand that the seed is liken to awareness and the plant is liken to body. David Bohm said, "The implicate, or the enfolded order unfolds into the explicate order, or everything separate." 
(The explicate, or the unfolded order enfolds into the implicate order.) And I understand that the implicate order means awareness in the noumenal world (ultimate dimension) and the explicate order means body in the phenomenal world (historical dimension). In other words, David Bohm said, "Everything is internally related to everything. Everything contains everything." David Bohm also said, "Now, the implicate order would help us to see that, to see everything enfolds, everybody, not merely depends on everybody, but actually everybody is everybody in a deeper sense. See, we are the earth because all our substance comes from the earth and goes back."


Thích Nhất Hạnh