Saturday, March 14, 2015

Great Compassion (mahakaruna)

Thay mentioned the true nature of Great Compassion, mahakaruna as follows:

"How can I put into words the true nature of Great Compassion, mahakaruna? When we begin to see that black mud and white snow are neither ugly nor beautiful, when we can see them without discrimination or duality, then we begin to grasp Great Compassion. In the eyes of Great Compassion, there is neither left nor right, friend nor enemy, close nor far. Don't think that Great Compassion is lifeless. The energy of Great Compassion is radiant and wondrous. In the eyes of Great Compassion, there is no separation between subject and object, no separate self. Nothing that can disturb Great Compassion.
Remembering me, you will continue on your path. You will have a refuge that no one can take from you. No one will be able to disturb your faith, because that faith does not rely on anything in the phenomenal world. Faith and love are one and can only emerge when you penetrate deeply the empty nature of the phenomenal world, when you can see that you are in everything and everything is in you."

I am convinced now that we can remove suffering from another person without experiencing the same suffering if we have Great Compassion, or Unconditional Love.

Female hummingbird in Ecuador Photo by Raymond Barlow