Saturday, September 13, 2014

The roots

We have physical roots and mental roots. Physical roots are based on body, or genes and mental roots are based on spirit, or subconscious. It is easy to understand the physical root by looking back our ancestors but it is difficult to understand the mental root because it is not a particle.

Physical memories are passed on by genes and mental memories are passed on by imprinted karma (actions) on subconscious. Therefore, our physical roots and our mental roots are not always the same. But the characteristic of ego (mental disposition) must be similar (or the same) between the two. That's because we need to revive our past life's ego (mental disposition) in babyhood through the relationship with our parents to resume our new journey in this life from the end of our past life.

All through our life, we are being tested how we react to the same situation as our past life. It is like a makeup examination. If we pass the makeup examination, we can offset our karma. However, if we create a new karma, we have to take another makeup examination to pay for it. So, our life is a makeup examination for the evolution of humanity.

Where do our mental roots come from? That is a mystery. But it is certain that we are the the subconscious and wearing the body. And it is also certain that both subconscious and our body can never die according to the law of conservation of energy and mass and reincarnate forever.