Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Two worlds

Duality                                 Non-duality
Two extremes                     Middle Way
Conventional truth               Ultimate truth
Phenomenal world               Noumenal world (+Phenomenal world)
External world                      Internal world
Explicate order                     Implicate order
Space and time                    Without space and time
Outside                                Inside
Eyesight                               Insight
A thing                                 Nature
Body-mind                           Consciousness
Brain                                    Subconscious
Ego (separate self)               True self (non-separate self)
Notions/Views/Ideas/Words   No notions/views/ideas/words
Thinking                                Without thinking
Illusion/Delusion                    Reality
Judgement/Criticism              No need
Lack of self-acceptance        Unconditional self-acceptance
Conditioned                           Unconditioned
Material value                        Spiritual value
Awake/Dreaming state           Deep sleep state
Separate                                Interdependent co-arising
Separation/Discrimination      Non-separation/Non-discrimination
Pairs of opposites                  Not two but not one
Notion of birth and death        No notion of birth and death
Ignorance                               Wisdom
Afflictions                              Unconditional love and compassion
Samsara                                Nirvana
Ordinary person                     Enlightened person
The Four Noble Truths          The Heart Sutra

* Interdependent co-arising is the skillful means to transcend duality and attain non-duality.

Thích Nhất Hạnh