Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Light and Darkness 光と闇

Light and darkness are recognized at the same time. That's because light and darkness are interdependent co-arising (Buddha's emptiness). They are both sides of a sheet of paper. If light is there, darkness is already there. If darkness is there, light is already there. They must arise together at the same time. Without darkness, it's impossible to recognize light. Without light, it's impossible to recognize darkness. If darkness is removed, light is also removed. If light is removed, darkness is also removed. 

Pairs of opposite arise at the same time according to the ultimate truth of this planet, namely interdependent co-arising. Interdependent co-arising is the foundation of existence of every thing and phenomenon. Good and Evil, Happiness and Suffering, Right and Wrong are also pairs of opposite like Light and darkness. They are not two separate things. They are not one as well. They are interdependent co-arising. This interdependent co-arising enables us to transcend the duality. Duality is a kind of option. Therefore, we always have an option to select.



Iceland Volcano Photo by AGABABY