Monday, February 9, 2015

Self-transformation for Unconditional Love and Compassion

* Non-separation between oneself and others is the key.

1. Be mindful and concentrate on each action (ex. breathing, 

   walking, eating, smiling and sleeping) in daily life.

2. Stop thinking and throw away all notions, ideas, thoughts, 
   beliefs, views and words.

3. Attain calm mind and insight of interdependence to see the 
   reality and transcend the duality.

4. Understand that we are the whole cosmos because we are 
   made of water, air, minerals and sunshine.

5. Understand that we are cycling in ecosystem by changing 
   forms without birth and death.

6. Understand the root cause of sufferings by looking deeply into 
   sufferings and generate compassion. 

7. Accept yourself unconditionally and love yourself 

8. Heal your wounded inner child and release your ego with 

9. Transform yourself from ego (separate self) to true self 
   (non-separate self).

10. Accept all without discrimination unconditionally. 
    Give unconditional love and compassion to all without 

Sutherland Falls and Lake Quill,New Zealand Photo by mA pReTz