Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Miracle of Mindfulness (3)

The followings are excerpts from Thay's book titled "The Miracle of Mindfulness".

(Counting your breath)
Making your breath calm and even is called the method of following one's breath. If it seems hard at first, you can substitute the method of counting your breath. As you breathe in, count 1 in your mind, and as you breathe out, count 1. Breathe in, count 2. Breathe out, count 2. Continue through 10, then return to 1 again. This counting is like a string which attaches your mindfulness to your breath. This exercise is the beginning point in the process of becoming continuously conscious of your breath. Without mindfulness, however, you will quickly lose count. When the count is lost, simply return to 1 and keep trying until you can keep the count correctly. Once you can truly focus your attention on the counts, you have reached the point at which you can begin to abandon the counting method and begin to concentrate solely on the breath itself.

In those moments when you are upset or dispersed and find it difficult to practice mindfulness, return to your breath: Taking hold of your breath is itself mindfulness. Your breath is the wondrous method of taking hold of your consciousness. As one religious community says in its rule, "One should not lose oneself in mind dispersion or in one's surroundings. Learn to practice breathing in order to regain control of body and mind, to practice mindfulness, and to develop concentration and wisdom."

(My commentary)
Counting our breath is for mindfulness by avoiding forgetfulness, or mind dispersion. Our breath is our consciousness and will be awareness (awakened consciousness). So, if we are continuously conscious of our breath, awareness will revive and bring about mindfulness, concentration and insight (wisdom). 

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