Friday, December 11, 2015

5 methods to generate joy and happiness

The followings are 5 methods to generate joy and happiness.

<Conventional Truths> (= Duality)

1. Mindfulness 
  * Mindful breathing, walking and so on, they enable us to revive 
     awareness (true self) by stopping thinking and to touch the 
     wonders of life.

2. Selective watering 
  * Wholesome mental formations will manifest in mind 
     consciousness if we water the wholesome seeds in store 

3. Insight 
  * Unwholesome mental formations will be transformed to 
     wholesome mental formations when we understand the root 
     cause of unwholesome mental formations (sufferings) through 
     mindfulness and concentration (deep looking).

<Ultimate Truths> (= Non-duality)

4. Interdependent co-arising (two sides of the same coin) 
  * If suffering is there, happiness must be there at the same time. 
    That's because suffering and happiness are interdependent 
    co-arising in the phenomenal world. In other words, suffering
    and happiness are two sides of the same coin. Suffering is no 
    other than happiness.

5. Emptiness 
  * Suffering is impossible in the noumenal world because there
     are no notions, nor space and time. (Suffering and happiness
     are just notions created by humans.) When we attain 
     enlightenment, we (awareness) can touch the true nature of 
     reality and live in the phenomenal world and the noumenal 
     world at the same time.

☆ If we touch the conventional truth deeply, we can touch the 
    ultimate truth.