Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Voidness or Unconditional Self-Love?

The followings are my actual experience. I couldn't release my ego (separate-self) through Voidness. However, I could release my ego (separate-self) through Unconditional self-love. (Please refer to

I understand that Voidness and Unconditional self-love are not the same. Even if we can't love ourselves, we can attain Voidness. However, we can't release ego. Only if we can love ourselves unconditionally, we can release ego. Therefore, my real experience shows that Voidness can not enable us to practice compassion because we have nothing to offer due to lack of self-love. How can you love others without loving yourself? Only if you love yourself, you can love others or practice compassion to others. 

I feel that the fruit through Meditation is Voidness and that the fruit through Self-inquiry is Unconditional self-love. One proof is that Dalai Lama is aware of Voidness but can't understand "self-hatred" (the reason why people can't have unconditional self-love) as follows:

Bora Bora in French Polynesia Photo by Jonathan Usher