Tuesday, November 11, 2014


What if you were the psychopath? There must be a reason why. 

It is understandable for a person who experienced a serious abuse right after the birth to modify neural circuit for self-protection. If the person does not have the dendritic connections, s/he may be able to stop reactions to sufferings in expense of the loss of empathic reactions. 

I guess that pharmaceutical (chemicals) treatment can't cure the psychopath. That's because the root cause is not the brain (matter) but is the subconscious. I understand the brain is a computer for the subconscious. Meditation might have a salutary effect. I feel the most effective method is my own method of reviving true self, healing inner child, releasing ego who have been protecting wounded inner child by cutting empathic reactions.

I guess the defects are not inherited at birth but are created in relation with parents and surrounding people after birth. Regarding the purpose of reincarnation of a serial killer, I guess the position was opposite in their past life between the criminal and the victim. So, the purpose may be to teach the misery of killing and torture to the victim who was the killer in past life. However, the serial killer (teacher) creates a new negative karma, so has to pay for that in the future. At that time, s/he has to pass a retest by forgiving the killer without revenge.

I guess that the point of the karmic imperative is nothing but the evolution of humanity. Justice is a notion for self-justification which separates oneself from others. For example, President Obama and Ms. Clinton defended themselves by explaining that the assassination of Usāma bin Lādin was carried out for the justice. But there is no justice for killing people. It was nothing but an excuse. The motivation might be right but the method was wrong at least. If he still had a power to harm others, the assassination may have been inevitable in order to save many innocent people. But it was not a case. If the victim can forgive the criminal (not the crime), it's the proof that the victim has returned to non-separate self. In those cases, I guess that recombination of gene in brain may occur.

amazing universe Photo by Adam Corbin

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