Monday, July 11, 2016

How to create your clouds and your sunshine

Enjoy watching the following video deeply. Sister Chân Không shared how to create your clouds and your sunshine, and sang for us.

The followings are excerpts.

A Vietnamese poet said, "This morning, tens of thounsands of flowers are opening to the world. Why your heart is still locked, or closed? Please open like a flower.".

Another poet in Vietnam, Mai Tau?, wrote a poem, saying that "Don't wait until you suffer. You have to open your heart. You have to create a sunshine. You have to create a cloud and make rain. But make sunshine for you. Don't wait for tomorrow from the universe. Everyone can do it."

(from 26:10 "perception")
Amongst the many state of mind, a Buddhist psychology, the Buddha taught us that there is one state of mind called "perception". Perception is the notion of that person in your head. So, when you fell in love with somebody, because in your notion, in your head, there is a series of notions of beauty, of gratefulness, ...


Sister Chân Không