Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wounded inner child (2)

Watch the video below from 1:07:37 to 1:15:55.

And as a trend of a baby, you felt that you can't do anything for yourself. You have arms and feet but you can not use them. You need someone to take care of you. You are defenseless. You are vulnerable, fragile. You can not do anything for yourself. You need someone to do it for you. So, the original fear goes together with the original desire, the desire to survive. The fear of being left alone. And that original fear and that original desire survive until now, even if we have been grown up as an adult. That original fear, that original desire is still there. And that is why we have to talk to the child within.

"Darling, you should know that we have grown up now as an adult. We are no longer without the defense like in the past. We can very well defend ourselves. Come with me and be in the present moment. Don't let the past imprison us like that." You have to transmit that wisdom to the child inside. You have to talk to her. You have to talk to him.

Because the films of the past are projected non-stop in store consciousness. And every time the film is projected, all emotion, all suffering is revived. Suppose we are in a cinema, a movie. There is a film projected up here and down there, looking at the film. You believe this is a true story. And you shed a real tear. And you suffered of the strong emotion down there. I see you crying. The suffering is real. The tear is real. But the story is not real. It's only a film.

If I invite you to come up with me and we come close to the screen and we touch, we don't see anybody. It's only the light flickering. We can not talk to the people. We can't invite some people to have a tea with us. Because this is a fictive story. Something unreal can create a real suffering, a real depression. Yet many of us still suffer because of a child that is still caught down there in store consciousness. That is why it's very important that we go home to ourselves and talk to the child and take her hand and bring her to the present moment and to enjoy life in the here and the now. Very important. That takes sound trainings.

In the past, maybe someone slapped on your face. And that image of that moment is still stored in store consciousness. And every time the image is projected, we are slapped again and again and again. Why do we have to suffer like that? Mindfulness will tell us that this is only in the past and this is only a fictive picture. It's not reality. Now we have grown up. We have means to protect ourselves. We don't have to suffer like that. So, talking to the wounded child within is very important. Inviting him,  inviting her to come out with you and to play in the ground of the present moment. And it takes some practice in order to get used to do it. 
(If we look deeply into our suffering with concentration, we can encounter our wounded inner child and understand the root cause of our suffering. Then we can heal our wounded inner child and release our separate self, or ego who was made up by our wounded inner child for self-protection. This is the self-transformation from ego to non-separate self, or true self. For details, please refer to the book below.)


(Notes) The descriptions in the parenthesis are my commentaries.