Monday, September 22, 2014

The root cause of ego

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I was impressed by the wonderful conclusions that was education without ethics is useless or rather harmful.

A religious leader pointed out that ego is the source of all problems and sufferings. The root cause of ego is the key. I understand our ego is made up by wounded inner child for self-protection because we were not accepted unconditionally by our parents in babyhood.

So, we made up our ego (separate self) who has the distorted view which separates oneself from others to revive our past life's mental disposition according to the imprinted karma on our subconscious.

We chose our parents to make up the past life's ego. Its purpose is to resume our new journey in this life from the end of our past life for evolution of humanity.

That's why our memories in babyhood may be covered up. If so, the family is a well planned ego manifestation factory and is a training center for evolution of humanity.

I guess Buddha knew this whole story but did not mention it because if we know everything, the plan of evolution of humanity may not work well.

However, I feel everyone needs to wake up right now by understanding this whole plan. Because we are fed up by too much corruption based on greed in politics, economies and administrations.

I am sure that education can play an important role to teach the whole story and plan of our life. However, in order to change education, we need to change politics first, and next economic system.