Monday, March 21, 2016

Thich Nhat Hanh & Plum Village (2)

Enjoy watching the following videos and important messages:


People suffer because they don't have the capacity to handle their suffering. They try to cover up their suffering. They try to run away from their suffering. That is why they need to consume a lot in order to forget the suffering, not to have to confront the suffering. (by Thay)

Because if you are quiet, your mind is like still water of the pond, and you can reflect the moon properly. (by Sister Chan Khong)

When they have come to peace negotiation, if they know how to practice, they would be able to see their own worries, anger, suspicion, suffering. If they do, they can see the anger, the suspicion of the other side. And if they know how to calm themselves, they would be able to reach a kind of agreement that can help them bring about peace. (by Thay)


I want to be like the Buddha, work like the Buddha, engage like the Buddha. To work like the Buddha, you need to work 24 hours. You have to abandon other things, working for peace for yourself. (by Sister Chan Khong)

Everyone needs to go into the direction of more understanding, more compassionate, less violent and have more peace for ourselves and people around. (by Sister Chan Khong)

If we run away from our own suffering and consume toxic products, we will suffer more. Instead, if we are mindful and recognize our own suffering, embrace it, relieve it, look deeply into it, understand the root cause and transform it to peace through the energy of compassion, we will be happy. The key to be mindful is to stop thinking, or our mind. And if we know how to be mindful, we can help others live in mindfulness. 


Plum Village