Friday, November 14, 2014

Body-mind and Subconscious

What's the difference between Body-mind and Subconscious?
My comparative analysis is the following.

<Temporality>               <Intemporality>
 (duration, time, space)   (no duration, no time and space, state)

Body-mind                      Subconscious
Presence (energy)          Now (not between "past" and "future")

measurable (duration)     immeasurable (no duration)
Time (moment)                No Time (not a moment in time)
Past, Present, Future      No Past, Present, Future
illusory and existent         non-illusory and non-existent
(illusion)                          (reality)
manifestation                   non-manifestation
I-thought                          Not-I
Ego (Separate self)         Absolute, Nirguna (Non-separate self)
Consciousness                Awareness
Body-mind Consciousness Universal Consciousness (no-mind)
(personal)                         (impersonal)
Mind (split into                  Whole Mind (no Subject and Object)
        Subject and Object)
Energy                             No energy

Evolution of Humanity                          
There is no difference for Subconscious between manifestation and non-manifestation of Body-mind. I understand Body-mind and Subconscious are interdependent, or dependent co-arising.

The Solar Dynamics Photo by Corina Marinescu