Saturday, December 19, 2015

Answers to questions regarding enlightenment

The followings are my answers to questions regarding enlightenment.

Q1) At what state were you able to discern the "Differences" between these two (Phenomena and Noumenon)? 
A1) It was when I threw away all notions by touching the true nature of reality (the no birth and no death nature of all phenomena = non-duality). I attained this insight of the true nature of reality when I was living in awareness and concentrating.

Q2) At what state do Space and Time depart, and Conceptuality? 
A2) Same as above. It was especially when I could understand the implicate (enfolded) order and the explicate (unfolded) order in quantum physics. Namely, the implicate, or the enfolded order unfolds into the explicate order, or everything separate. And the explicate, or the unfolded order enfolds into the implicate order.

Q3) When does "individuality," the sense of "ego" disappear? 
A3) It is when awareness revives, or transformation of ourselves from ego (separate self, or fake self) to awareness (non-separate self, or true self). Thay's method is mindfulness by mindful breathing (stopping thinking). And my own method is unconditional self-acceptance by understanding the root cause of sufferings (fear and insecurity). Anyway, when awareness revives, awareness will heal his wounded inner child and release ego with pleasure. I experienced both methods but this stage is temporary enlightenment, not full enlightenment.

Q4) When are "Subject and Object" seen as not-different? 
A4) It is when we are mindful, namely when we stop thinking. Intransitive actions such as mindful breathing and walking will help.

Q5) Is there really, according to your experience, an "Objective" world? 
A5) Yes, there is an "Objective" world, according to my experience. It is when non-thinking is achieved. In that state, there is no object of mind, or projection of mind. Thay said, "It is only in the case of pure sensation that the object of consciousness is reality in-itself. --- Therefore, the perfect ultimate reality of the universe can only be observed with eyes of great understanding, but these eyes can only open when the concepts which compose the manyana and attachment to wrong views are uprooted. Only then can the alaya reveal itself as a great, perfect mirror reflecting the whole universe."

Non-separation, non-discrimination, or non-duality is the key because it means the perfect freedom. I am you and you are me. The reality is wholeness.


Thay's calligraphy