Sunday, January 24, 2016

What is life?

Watch the following Jeremy England's video.

The following excerpts from the video are very interesting because they are very similar to Buddhist words.

Quote:  * (): Buddhist words
So, physics doesn't make any distinctions between the particles that are in the whale and the particles in the water around it.
(The Diamond Sutra recommends that we remove the four notions of self, man/human, living beings, and lifespan to free ourselves.)

All living things are made of matter
(We are made of non-we elements, namely the whole cosmos such as water, air, minerals and sunshine.)

All living things need to eat
(Nothing can survive without food.)

All living things give off heat
(The nature of reality, namely of matter and energy, is the nature of no birth and no death.)

All living things can't grow backwards
(Things are changing. Impermanence)

(My commentary)
☆ Irrespective of whether we are humans, animals, plants or minerals, we are all the same as the whole cosmos, or the wholeness.
☆ Jeremy England has been studying the truth in the phenomenal world (matter). If he combines the truth in the noumenal world (consciousness) through the theory of the implicate order and the explicate order in quantum physics with his theory, he may be able to prove the no-birth and no-death nature of consciousness scientifically. (the no-birth and no-death nature of matter has been already proved scientifically by the law of conservation of energy and mass.)  All he needs to do is to look more deeply into his theory in order to touch the truth in the noumenal world.


Jeremy England