Monday, May 2, 2016

A Lotus for you…A Buddha to be (2)

Watch the following Thay's video deeply.

The followings are excerpts.

(from 3:27)
You can not be by yourself alone. You have to inter-be with everything else, with everyone else. 

Suppose this sheet of paper. She can not be by herself alone. Looking deeply into the paper, you can see a cloud. Because if there were no cloud, there would be no rain and no trees can grow. And without a tree, you can never make paper. So, this sheet of paper can not be by herself alone. This sheet of paper has to inter-be with the cloud. Without a cloud, the paper can not be. 

And if we continue to look with the sunshine, when I touch the paper, I touch the sunshine. I am touching also the earth, the soil. If we have a time to look deeply into this tiny sheet of paper, you see that everything in the cosmos is there inside. They are linked to each other

So, it's like the suffering and happiness. Without sufferings, how could we understand, how could we love? You can not grow lotus flowers on marble. You have to grow them in the mud. If you remove the mud from the lotus flower, the lotus flower disappears. They inter-are. Interbeing. Without the suffering, there is no happiness. Without the mud, there is no lotus. 

It is very important for us to go home to ourselves and look deeply at our suffering and listen deeply to our sufferings. Because looking like that, listening like that, is the practice of meditation. 

(from 10:35)
There is a kind of a cord that links you to your mother. It's called the umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a link between you and your mother. Without that, your mother can not feed you and help you to grow. And that is why I propose that next time when you draw a baby, yourself and your mother, you draw an umbilical cord. And after that, you draw another umbilical cord linking you to your father. Because that umbilical cord, although it's not visible but it is there. Then after that, you can draw other umbilical cord linking you to a tree, to a river, to the cloud. Because without the tree, you have no oxygen to breathe. Without a river, you have no water to drink. So, you have an umbilical cord linking you to everything in the cosmos.

(from 16:53)
We have to believe in our Buddha nature. We have to believe that we have the seeds of compassion, understanding, joy and peace in us. And if we allow the beautiful seed in us to be touched, to be watered every day, it will become a happy person. And if we allow only the seed of craving, of anger, of hate, of discrimination to be watered, we suffer more and more every day. 

But the way we consume every day does not seem that we are going in a good direction. When we turn on the television, there is a lot of craving, there is a lot of anger, violence. And our children get these things several hours a day. The exact thing, violence, fear, anger, craving, every time they watch television. That is not mindful consumption. And we, adults, we allow ourselves to be intoxicated by these kinds of poisons. We already have these poisons in us. We are not capable of handling and transforming the poisons and we are getting more and more by the way of daily consumption.

(My commentary)
Interbering means impermanence and no-self. Impermanence means emptiness in terms of time and no-self means emptiness in terms of space. So, interbering, or emptiness is the ultimate truth in the phenomenal world. 

Meanwhile, David Bohm explained about the ultimate truth in the noumenal world through quantum physics as followings. "In the enfolded [or implicate] order, space and time are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. Rather, an entirely different sort of basic connection of elements is possible, from which our ordinary notions of space and time, along with those of separately existent material particles, are abstracted as forms derived from the deeper order. These ordinary notions in fact appear in what is called the "explicate" or "unfolded" order, which is a special and distinguished form contained within the general totality of all the implicate orders." 

I feel that David Bohm's Wholeness means the whole cosmos (dharma body, cosmic body) in Buddhism. That's because the Buddha explained about emptiness in the noumenal world through the Heart Sutra. So, interbering, or emptiness is also the ultimate truth in the noumenal world. 

David Bohm also said, "The implicate, or the enfolded order unfolds into the explicate order, or everything separate." (The explicate, or the unfolded order enfolds into the implicate order.) He explained in other words, "Everything is internally related to everything. Everything contains everything." David Bohm also said, "Now, the implicate order would help us to see that, to see everything enfolds, everybody, not merely depends on everybody, but actually everybody is everybody in a deeper sense. See, we are the earth because all our substance comes from the earth and goes back." So, I understand that the phenomenal world (the historical dimension) is the manifestations of the noumenal world (the ultimate dimension).


Thích Nhất Hạnh