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人生の選択肢 Life Option

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(2)Life Option

All our life is sufferings?

Some people say, "All our life is sufferings!". Is it true?

Buddha taught how to be liberated from sufferings through 'The Four Noble Truths' as the first dharma wheel (the second dharma wheel is 'The Heart Sutra') immediately after his enlightenment and showed the four truths of sufferings. The four noble truths are:
  1. The truth of suffering
  2. The truth of the origin of suffering
  3. The truth of the cessation of suffering
  4. The truth of the path leading to the cessation of suffering
Through the four noble truths, Buddha shared his own experience of how he attained enlightenment.

It is a fact that many people suffer in this world. However, I don't think that Buddha said, "All our life is sufferings!". That's because Buddha explained that there is a solution of being liberated from sufferings through 'The Four Noble Truths'. And he showed the evidence through his actual experience. So, Buddha never said that our life is 100% sufferings and everyone can't avoid sufferings.

Instead, Buddha said that it's up to you whether you become happy or suffer. This means a choice between two things which are as follows:
  1. If you take self-centered attitudes without understanding the wisdom of Interdependence, you will suffer.
  2. If you practice compassion by understanding the wisdom of Interdependence (or even unconsciously), you will be happy.
Buddha clearly mentioned, "You are your own master!". I think this means that your life depends on your choice and that you should cultivate your life on your own. Furthermore, I believe that "You" means 'consciousness' and "your" means 'body and mind'. So, Buddha' teaching must be that your future (whether happy or unhappy) entirely depends on how well your consciousness can control your body and mind.

Buddha showed us 2 options which are the path to happiness and the path to sufferings. Each of us have a right to choose. Therefore, we can't blame others for our sufferings. Because our sufferings are our own creation. Well, which option will you choose?




釈迦は悟りを開いた直後に、第一法輪の「四聖諦」(The four noble truths, 第二法輪は「般若心経」)で苦しみから解放される方法を説いていますが、そこには苦集滅道という4つの真理が示されています。苦しみの真理、苦しみの原因の真理、苦しみを滅する真理、苦しみを滅する方法の真理の4つであり、自分が悟りに到達した道筋をシェアしたのです。



釈迦は「あなたは、あなたの主人だよ!(You are your own master!)」と明言していますが、「自分の人生は自分が選択し創造するものであり、運命を切り拓くのはあなた自身」という意味だと想います。もっと言うと、「主語のあなたとは「意識」を、もう一つのあなたとは「肉体と感情」を指しており、あなたの幸不幸は、いかに意識(理性)で感情や肉体をコントロールするかにかかっている」と教示しているのだと考えます。