Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vegan and Vegetarian 絶対菜食主義者と菜食主義者

Vegan and Vegetarian may save us and this planet!
Read the following materials for your better understanding in relation to the three major issues below.

1. Environmental issues
 (1) Land degradation
 (2) Climate change
      ① carbon dioxide
      ② methane
      ③ nitrous oxide
      ④ ammonia
 (3) Water scarcity and water pollution
2. Health issues

3. Spiritual issues (killing animals)

 1. 環境問題 
      ① 二酸化炭素 
      ② メタン 
      ③ 亜酸化窒素 
      ④ アンモニア 
 2. 健康問題 
 3. 精神問題(動物殺害) 

Red squirrel taking an adopted baby from nest Photo by Interesting Things