Thursday, May 30, 2013

The whole picture of Wisdom & Compassion

* The whole picture ⇒
* Four Noble Truths' approach
⇒ Problem solving type
  1. Analysis of problems (= "Sufferings")Both of them are invisible,
  2. Discovery of the cause (= "Self-grasping")
  3. Discovery of the ultimate source (= "Ignorance")
  4. Solution of the problem (= "Selflessness" (= Interdependence))
  5. Method of solution (= "Practice of Compassion")
  6. Conviction of effects through practice
  7. Solving problems of "Sufferings" 

* Heart Sutra's approach
Truth discovering type
  1. Analysis of things & phenomena through meditation
  2. Discovery of the ultimate truth (= "Emptiness" (= Interdependence))
  3. Method to deal with the truth (= "Practice of Compassion")
  4. Conviction of effects through practice
  5. Achievement of "Happiness"
*Approaching method is different but both the Four Noble Truths and the Heart Sutra came to the same conclusion of "Compassion" arising through "Wisdom" of the ultimate truth of "Interdependence".


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