Monday, June 17, 2013

Shame or Sin or ? 恥か罪か?か

Recently, violent speech (like "Shut up!") of Japanese high-ranking officials and politicians has disturbed the world. The cause is lack of moral ethics. There is no doubt that their moral ethics level is very low, in spite of their very high intelligence level based on very high academic background which has led to pride and arrogance. They are the proof that they received only brain education and have not received mind education. Due to the lack of moral ethics, their high intelligence becomes harmful rather than wasted. And their high intelligence will be far from contributing to society and will be the detriment to society. Because they will ruin their life, it is a big loss for them and the society. Therefore, before it is too late, "Mind Education" is vital for both adults and children. Next generation will evaluate how much universal moral ethics a person has mastered as a whole personality!

1. Shame: Criteria is "Eyes of others". Japanese
culture, Justification by faith (God and Buddha!)
2. Sin: Criteria is "Religions (God)". Western &
Arabic culture, Justification by faith (Lord Jesus!,
Almighty Allah!)

3. Bad: Criteria is "Moral Ethics". Universal culture,
Self-reliance (Own master)
☆★ ★☆
☆★ ★☆


1. 恥:判断基準は「他人の目」、日本文化、他力本願

2. 罪:判断基準は「宗教(神)」、西洋・アラブ文化、他力本願

3. 悪:判断基準は「道徳倫理」、普遍的文化、自力本願

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