Sunday, July 21, 2013

Attachment & Business chance 執着と商機

We often see people cycling during the Tour de France racing, and we notice that golf population increases during The Open match, but these are the same as the sense of feeling like the hero after seeing the movies of Bruce Lee. This behavior is due to the attachment (obsession) and is exploited in business. Because people who cling to a certain object are already biased,  they would buy the related products by just one push in advertising. Because attachment (obsession) is addiction, they will be swindled very easily. Moreover, because the foolish people rejoice with rather a good mood, without realizing that they are fitted into the trap, they fall an easy victim to the crafty merchant. They are exploited skillfully that they can't see the reality because everything would look good once they come to love. Exploitation by attachment (obsession) is something cute yet, but it is not an exaggeration to say that the lavished praise by exploitation of greed and the tickling the vanity by exploitation of arrogance, are white collar crimes. Attachment (obsession), greed and arrogance are self-centered mind which are disturbing mind caused by ignorance of interdependence. Could you understand how important it is for you to master the wisdom of interdependence?


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